Leg Exercise: Dumbbell Rear Lunge

Dumbbell Rear  Lunge

Type Resistance
Target (primary) Quadriceps Target (secondary) HamstringsGlutesCalvesHip adductor
Equipment Dumbbells
Mechanics Compound
Force Push
Plane of motion Sagittal plane 
Other Unilateral

How is it performed?

  • Start out by holding a dumbbell in each hand, arms down the side.
  • Take a long step back with one leg while bending the other and keeping your torso upright.
  • Do not let the knee of the supporting leg go beyond your toes. Lower until knee of your rear leg almost touches the floor.
  • Then extend your hip and knee back to starting position.

Take a long lunge and press back to starting position with your heel to focus on the glutes.

Take a short lunge and push back with the ball of your feet to focus on the quadriceps.

See the full leg workout here.

[end]Are lunges a part of your leg workout? [/end]


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